Please use this option ONLY IF you have a collection of film and would like to sincerely test us out with one reel first. We are giving you our Labor for free and are paying your return shipping (within the U.S.)

Offer applies to ONE 50ft. reel. Or -- test us out with ONE reel -- see options below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Secondary Color Correction is only included with the 50ft reel offer; however, all transfers include image stabilizer and sound -- if originally there was sound recorded on the film.

do not send:
1) Copyrighted footage (only personal family films!)
2) Film which has not been developed

DVD   Blu-ray   You provide
the USB stick.

Standard Definition   High-Definition   High-Definition  
50ft $8
50ft $12
(min. 2GB) 50ft $10
200ft $28
200ft $32
(USB stick - min. 7GB)
200ft $26