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Please use this option ONLY IF you have a collection of film and would first like to sincerely test us out - with just one reel. We are giving you the entire transfer process, free of charge. You only pay a $9.75 fee for return shipping of your test transfer (within the U.S.A.) For all other orders which are NOT a "test-transfer", we pay return shipping within the U.S.A.

Offer applies to ONE (small) 50ft reel.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Image Stabilizatoin and Secondary Color Correction is included, on your test transfer. Also, if your original had sound, it will be included. We do not charge more for sound (as some transfer houses do.)

Please do NOT send us:
1) Copyrighted footage (only personal family films)
2) Film which has not been developed/processed, by a lab.

You provide
the USB stick or SD card.

(min. 8 GB) 50ft $10

USB stick
(You provide
the USB stick or SD card)

(min. 8 GB) 50ft $10
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