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5. März 2022

I assume, like most people, this is my first experience having super 8mm film digitized. I chose a local business and I'm very satisfied with the results. All the work was done in a timely fashion and as promised. The quality of the film is much better than the original. Like the saying goes, "you get what you pay for". I feel that I requested mid-range and the results are more than satisfactory.

I highly recommend the services provided by Laura and Nathaniel.

Mike N.

Ventura, CA

NOTE: As image enhancement option, this customer initially only requested "image stabilizer", on his order form. He also chose "Please email 3 sample images" (from his transfer.) After we sent him the 3 sample-image sets, he opted for the full "Hollywood Treatment" which also includes customized "color grading" and "debris reduction." We really enjoyed working with him ... but then, this is true of most all our customers! ~ FilmFix, Laura and Nathaniel


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