allgemeine Zufriedenheit  

9. Januar 2008

I could not have been more pleased. I have been wanting to convert my own old Super 8 films and my father's old 8mm films to DVD for a long time. I finally got serious and decided to do it so I Googled for websites that performed the service. I was not looking for the cheapest service but one that I thought would deliver the best quality. I settled on to convert my own movies first. I thought if I was satisfied with the result, I would send my father's movies. Needless to say, the process went like clockwork and Nathaniel and Laura could not have been nicer to work with. I received my DVD's and miniDV's in short order and I must say the quality was outstanding. I shipped them my father's movies the same day I received my order back from them. I would highly recommend to anyone.
Avon, IN

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