allgemeine Zufriedenheit  

12. Mai 2008

I cannot begin to say how happy I am with the out come of my 8mm film to DVD. Nat and Laura are so wonderful - personable, prompt and the turn around time was within a week or so. From the first time I called and spoke to Nate with 500 questions, until the time USPS delivered my originals, the service has been just fantastic. If you have 8mm film with long lost memories, I would convert them and trust FLIMFIX to do so. I am very picky with customer service, and the folks at FILMFIX exceeded my expectation. Lastly, using a simple program, I was able to convert the DVD movie file to a program and edit film, add music and titles. It was a surprise for my mom and she just loved it - and I am confident you will have the same experience.

Brian M.
Jersey City, NJ

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