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24. Juli 2010

Perhaps the most unexpected and welcome aspect of my FilmFix experience was that Nathaniel and Laura seem to have a sixth-sense appreciation for the fact that all these grainy, dusty films they receive are some of the most important things in their customers' lives. It was perhaps because of the attention and respect they paid to the task that I realized, my gosh, I really had entrusted them with a treasure. At the same time, I never felt ill at ease about having done so.

The end result was fantastic, too. I'm grateful for the gentle suggestion (there were no pushy sales pitches) that I order color correction since my dad was apparently a little like Icarus with his Bell and Howell; shooting into the sun and nearly obliterating his subjects on occasion. In addition, time (50+ years) had degraded all my films. Thanks to making the necessary color adjustments, images that would've been lost are there on my DVD; and images that would've been poor if left unadjusted are closer to the original.

The best evidence of my satisfaction is that I'm eager to patronize FilmFix again with other family treasures, as I find them. I've already recommended that my relatives do the same. Overall, FilmFix, and Nathaniel and Laura, are a godsend. In my opinion, there's nowhere else to go for film preservation.

John Baldy
Las Vegas, NM (yep, there's one in New Mexico too)

Die Referenzschreiben sind seit unseren Anfängen im Jahr 2005 ausschliesslich von unseren Kunden selber verfasst und unverändert publiziert worden.

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