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2. Juni 2012

Through the years, my wife, Sharon, and I had heard persistent rumors about the existence of a 1939 movie of her parents' wedding. Recently, the 73-year-old film was discovered in a closet at her Uncle Hank's house in Los Angeles. Although the metal case and reel were in good shape, the 8mm film was brittle, warped and deteriorating.

When we sent it to FilmFix, we were not optimistic that the film could be restored. Fortunately, Nathaniel and Laura were able to work their wizardry and we were thrilled to be able to see not only the wedding but many other priceless scenes of Sharon's family in the 16-minute, color film. It was amazing to travel back to a time before we were born.

FilmFix had transferred the film to a Quicktime format DVD, enabling me to add titles, credits and music with Apple's iDVD. Uncle Hank, who was the best man at the wedding and is now an amazing 104-year-old, loved seeing the movie and helped us to identify some of the long-lost relatives.

We will always be grateful to Nathaniel and Laura for their expertise and great service. The final DVD, "Babe & Sophie's Wedding" is now a family treasure.

Gerald Hill
Santa Barbara, CA

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