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February 3, 2012


We began our search to have our old super 8 films converted to DVD's locally here in Maine.

With about 18 small reels and 7 or 8 large reels of film we had no idea of what to do, where to begin or what to expect.

We began by calling and or visiting various camera/film processing facilities and basically were just given a price per reel to convert.

The problem with us is that when it comes to spending our money we like to “dig deeper” into what we are paying for.

Not being satisfied in the responses we were getting locally, we decided to venture on to the internet.

We looked at many websites and finally we came across Nathaniel & Laura’s website,

In our opinion, their website was fantastic. We simply followed their instructions, got an approximate price on what the process would cost us and realized that we would be some saving money if we had the conversion done by them.

Once we made up our minds, we gave Nathaniel & Laura a call to “get a feeling as to what kind of individuals we would be working with”.

Well, right from the start we felt that we were talking with two people who were committed to their small business and committed to their customers.

Nathaniel & Laura explained in detail what the conversion process was, how it was accomplished, what options we had, how long it would take, etc., etc.

After we hung up, we both agreed that Nathaniel & Laura were the type of individuals we would like to do business with.

We have enjoyed working with Nathaniel & Laura who, in our opinion, did an excellent in converting our 45+ year old family 8mm films to DVD. Nathaniel & Laura were very conscientious about every detail and went “out of their way” to accommodate any request we had to made sure that we got the best results possible.

We highly recommend FilmFix.

Becky & Rocky Furman
Wells, Maine


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