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9. Mars 2015

For several years I have hesitated having my Super8 films converted. Some of my reasons: the expense, the fear that I wouldn't be satisfied with the results, the dreaded thought of "what if something happened along the way (lost in transit, eaten up by the transfer machinery, etc.). Silly me. The movies were doing me no good in their reel cases, no longer able to be viewed.
Preparation for taking the plunge involved more than an afternoon or two of googling and researching, as well as much confusion. I learned much about the process involved, read reviews from customers of transfer services, completed several online "quotes" and choked at the cost.
My conclusions are these:
1. take the video experts advice, accept nothing less than a frame by frame transfer
2. don't send everything at once, start with a short reel to see for yourself (FilmFix offers a test sample)
3. no need to research, I've done that for you
4. trust Filmfix
Dealing with Nathaniel and Laura was a joy. They are professional, caring, and understanding. Laura assured me through emails and phone conversations that they were just as concerned about my treasured movies as I was. After all, they're not just movies, they're your life! Nathaniel patiently and clearly discussed video formats, editing, and the transfer process. He will guide you regardless of your technical level and expertise.
I couldn't be happier with the results I recently received. Watching long ago events (over 40 yrs) and long deceased relatives come alive on your TV or computer screen is an experience you should not miss. The quality of their work is outstanding! Go for it!!
Kathy M.
Naples, FL

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