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6. Mai 2017

And the Academy Award for best film to DVD transfer goes to, envelope please, ""! (They do 8mm film to digital transfer too.) I have to say that Laura and Nathaniel Courtens have treated my film as though it were their own. They took care of and cared for all the precious memories I had on film when they transferred them to digital format for me. When I began my search for someone to transfer my film, I tried a company in Arizona (name omitted.) However, they were not willing to work with me as I don't have internet where I live. I depend on a friend of mine to use their computer and internet, and I'm lucky to get maybe two hour of use per week. I felt that the company in Arizona didn't want my business, because I don't have an i-phone or a smart phone. They told me that their quotes were in the mail but the quotes never arrived. When I came across I decided to contact them to see what they could do for me. Ever since that day in November 2015, I've felt like I had known Laura and Nathaniel my whole life, and we've never met in person. Now it is April 2017 so this is a bit late to be writing this but it's better late than never. I thank you Laura and Nathaniel and my family thanks you too.

I was a reel-to-reel projectionist at a theatre near my home town. Now, a reel-to-reel projectionist has to be on top of things at all times. He is required to make a change over from one projector to the other projector during the movie to keep the picture on the screen. It's done in a way that you as a member of the audience don't even notice. So film has always been and always will be very precious to me. However, those days are gone for a projectionist and film.

I hope my message will convince all who read it -- have your transfers done with "" and receive Academy Award winning work!

Jerome S. Strand
Erskine, MN

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