allgemeine Zufriedenheit  

1. Dezember 2006

I’ve sent several of our family’s "precious memories" to to be transferred to DVD. All orders were accomplished promptly and professionally. One of the things that impressed me was their genuine respect for the old films that carried so many of our family’s precious memories. Also many of these old films were encrusted with dust and exposed to light because they were sitting in an open box in the rafters of a garage for several years before the little treasures were found. I was blown away that some of them could even be transferred, the quality on the DVD definitely exceeded my expectations! The customer service has been top-notch from day one, they worked with me throughout the project with the intention of providing the very best possible product. This will be a special Christmas for our family as we walk down memory lane together. Thank you - I’ll be back!

Jennifer Sazani


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