allgemeine Zufriedenheit  

14. April 2007

Dear Laura and Nathaniel -

Today the returned films arrived in good condition. I like to take this opportunity to let you know, that I had now a chance to leisurely review on my TV your handiwork on the DVD. I have to admit, that I was somewhat skeptical - when I sent you my 45 year old 8mm films - about the chances that digitization would be worthwhile. Well, you surprised me: the quality of the film transfers is very high and I do not regret that I had it done. I like to add that I was also impressed by your personalized and prompt attention, eg. to address any concerns I had, answer questions, and give helpful advice. I can certainly recommend your service.

By the way I ordered and received the MAGIX editing program you suggested. I am still climbing the learning curve, but can already say, that it does nicely what I wanted to do, cutting junk out. And the ability to add some text, titles and such is also very useful.
So thanks for that too!

Kind regards,
Rudolf Deibel
New York

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