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10. November 2008

I couldn't possibly heap enough praise upon the wonderful people at Filmfix.com! But let me try....

From beginning to "beyond my wildest expectations" end, they were attentive and kind and communicative. They responded quickly to my initial inquiry, and promptly replied to each of my subsequent emails... and I email a LOT, so it's no small feat that they always replied, and always replied with haste and, even when I was especially needy or compulsively repeating questions they'd already answered (I'm not kidding; I email a LOT when I place online orders for services, and often repeat questions only for the solace the answer brings over and over... I'm antsy), a comforting understanding of my needs… and of my OCD issues. I wouldn't have believed it before I started working with them, but the simple fact is they cared as much about my project (a 75th-birthday gift for my father) as I did, and it showed every step of the way.

Their quote was extremely reasonable and accurate... but what they offer goes so far beyond the invoice! The told me when they received my film reels; they told me when they were getting to work on the transfer, and when they finished. They shipped my DVDs quickly, and returned my film reels just as promptly.

And the DVDs? The DVDs are awesome! The prints are clearly (no pun intended) much cleaner, and even though I couldn't supply the filmfix.com crew with any info on the reels, they even managed to transfer them in chronological order!

I just couldn't be more pleased, or more impressed! We have wedding video to transfer, and many slides to wade through... we'll definitely be back!

If you have any media you want to transfer, I highly recommend filmfix.com! They are -to quote Tina Turner (one so rarely gets that opportunity)- simply the best!


San Jose, CA

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