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20. November 2014

For those of you like me that are very hesitant about sending their priceless memories to a transfer company that you have never dealt with before...you have come to the right place. I really have no idea how I got so lucky in choosing FilmFix. After hours of searching on the internet, I became more and more confused. Then I came across the FilmFix website. I don't know why, but I had a good feeling about them. I emailed them a few questions and received an immediate response by phone from Nathaniel. I informed them that I was hard of hearing and asked if they could communicate by email. They graciously replied that they would be glad to even though I'm sure that emailing took a lot more of their time. And believe me, I took a lot of their time with several questions via several emails. Most were answered by Laura with the kind understanding that she was dealing with a real novice. It was almost like I was corresponding with an old friend.
I had 5000 feet of Super 8 film and about 26 VHS tapes transferred to hard drives. The quality of their work was exceptional. I would have never believed that they could look so good.
Although we have never met, I consider Laura and Nathaniel as friends whom I would love to meet and thank personally if I ever get close to Ojai, Ca.

Jim Daly
Cincinnati, OH

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