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14. Oktober 2015

I just got back my order from FilmFix and I am so very grateful for the outstanding work they did! I gave them over 50 tapes that contained all of the video I've taken of my family over many years. These tapes and photos are the most valuable things we have and for a long time I've been wanting to make sure each of my children have a preserved set. Thanks to FilmFix we now have backup sets of all our precious taped memories and I don't have to be concerned if something happens to the original set of tapes. Our original set of Hi8 tapes are now saved to both DVD and on hard drives and we are already enjoying watching the memories on easy to use formats.

Nathaniel and Laura were absolutely wonderful to work with every step of the way! They understood from the start how important this project was to my family and my trust in them was well-placed! They delivered all of the backup sets in high quality formats, at a great price, and they did it all in a time-frame even faster than I was expecting! Thank you Laura and Nathaniel for your great work and for your thoughtfulness throughout the process--you are the best!!

Nicholas Beeson
Santa Barbara, CA
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