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18. Dezember 2015

The experience I’ve had with FilmFix was perfect, I couldn’t have found a better company to trust with the 55 year old 8mm movies of my father’s racing career from the early 1960’s. The HD digital videos I now have are priceless and much better looking than I thought they would be, I chose to have the film cleaned, the image stabilized and also the secondary color correction and I’m so glad I did, it was worth it.
The communications with both Nathaniel and Laura was just great, talking with Laura was like talking to a friend I’ve known for years, they were very helpful with any questions I had. I will be sharing my experience with FilmFix with my friends and I hope I can find more old film to send in for conversion. Thank you Nathaniel and Laura if I ever get to California I’ll be sure to try and stop in and say hi and Thank you in person.

Scott Anderson
Brookfield, WI
Customer sent: 1/28/16

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