35mm Slide Scanning (Digitizing) at 6K resolution

Slide Transfer onto CD-ROM, DVD, Blu-ray, Flash Drive or Hard Drive

Your 35mm slides get scanned at an incredibility high resolution of 4400 dot-per-inch (dpi). That is: 6,048 by 4,032 pixels at 36-bit equaling 12-bits for each of the RGB colors. This equals a 24.6-megapixel resolution. Our uncommonly high 6K resolution has over 6,000 horizontal pixels and allows for image archival and improved image printing.

Prints Slide Scan  35mm
  at 49 ¢

Prints Photograph Scan  Up to 8 1/2" x 12"
  at 88 ¢
Photographs are scanned at 600 DPI (300 DPI is considered standard printing resolution.) If your photographs are small, a higher resolution scanning is required for proper enlarged printing. Please contact us if you prefer scanning at higher resolutions. We can scan up to 4800 DPI at 48-bit. Scanning at the highest resolution takes approx. 30minutes per photograph and produces enormous files!


Image Enhancement Options
info $1.38 

DVD more    set DVD at $ 8.80 
Blu-ray more    set Blu-ray at $ 13.20 
USB-Stick/Hard Drive  
Order handling fee  
Rush Order  more 20% (min. $ 38.50) 

  ESTIMATED total more  
ESTIMATED completion date   April 13, 2017

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