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Full-Frame 35mm Slide Scanning at 6K resolution onto USB-Stick or Hard Drive

Your 35mm slides get scanned full-frame, and at exceptionally high resolution of 4400 dot-per-inch (no interpolation). That is: 6,048 by 4,032 pixels at 36-bit equaling 12-bits for each of the RGB colors. This equals a 24.6-megapixel resolution. Our uncommonly high 6K resolution has over 6,000 horizontal pixels and allows for image archival and improved image printing.
35mm Slide Scan  count    at 49 ¢

Includes Chromatic Aberration Fix The benefit of the software we use is it fixes chromatic aberrations. It will improve the flawed image outer edges, thus eliminating the common “rainbow glow” of those flawed edges.
Photograph Scan  count    at 88 ¢
Photographs are scanned at 600 DPI (300 DPI is considered standard printing resolution.) If your photographs are small, a higher resolution scanning is required for proper enlarged printing. Please contact us if you prefer scanning at higher resolutions. We can scan up to 4800 DPI at 48-bit. Scanning at the highest resolution takes approx. 30 minutes per photograph and produces enormous files!

IMPORTANT: Assign a chronological number to each of your photographs -- on the back of photo -- starting with 1! If you happen to know the year of photo, then assign like so: 1951-1, 1951-2, 1951-3, and so on. This will be your file name and manner in which you track the outcome of your photos! If you have any question whatsoever about this naming convention, please call us.
 Up to 8 1/2" x 12"

Image Enhancement Options
help $1.38
Customized slide-show

DVD more    set DVD at $ 8.80 
Blu-ray more    set Blu-ray at $ 13.20 
Order handling fee  
 more 20%  (min. $ 38.50) 

  Estimated total more  
Estimated completion date   August 13, 2019

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