Super 8 mm Film (S8) / Normal 8 mm Film (N8)

How does my film format affect price?

Most Super 8 film has been shot at 18 frames per second, whereas most Normal 8 has been shot at only 12 or 16 frames per second. This causes the price to differ.



16 2/3, 18 and 24 frames per second

How does my film speed affect price?

The speed by which the film is shot affects the "per foot" price but not the "per minute" price. The reason is that film shot at a higher rate of speed uses up more film in length, thus causing the per foot price to vary. Help with determining the speed of your film.



Film with Sound and Silent Film

How does film with Sound and Silent film affect price?

Film with Sound is slightly thicker than film without, therefore less film fits on a reel if it has sound rather than if it were silent. (How to recognize if film is silent or has sound)



Most common film transfered

Most film we recieve is Super 8, silent, and has been shot at 18 frames per second.

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