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Film Reels to transfer

Using the fields below, please specify the number of film reels you would like us to transfer.

3 inch reel (25 or 50 feet) approx. 3.4 min
4 inch reel (100 feet) approx. 6.7 min
5 inch reel (200 feet) approx. 13.4 min
6 inch reel (300 feet) approx. 20.0 min
7 inch reel (400 feet) approx. 26.7 min
8 inch reel (600 feet) approx. 40.0 min
9 1/2 inch reel (830 feet) approx. 55.4 min

Film Cleaning

We highly recommend your film be cleaned.

Film Transfer onto:

Select from below onto which medium you would like your film transferred.

Enter the number of how many recordings you would like.

DVD  set  
Blu-ray  set  
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