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Professional Slide Scanning Service

New! We now offer a higher resolution slide scan. This scan is a 9.5K scan (9,504 x 6,336) and captures all of your slides image -- all the way to the very edge of the slide.

During the transfer, we manually adjust the light quality for each of your 35 mm slides. This optimizes the scan and makes the image look more like it did the day it was taken. For instance, if your slide is way under-exposed, we add more light to bring about the details in the shadows. If it's over-exposed, we will lower the light intensity which brings more details to the highlights.

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35mm Slides

It's your choice: Either count your individual slides or just give a rough estimate. We'll get an exact count once all are digitized. We base your invoice on total count.

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Note: If your slides are housed in boxes, please send them that way. Otherwise, we accept slides in any form.

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