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Image between sprocket holes is sometimes available on Normal 8 film!

Occasionally, Double-8 (aka Normal-8, Regular-8) film cameras were special and captured additional image between the sprocket holes. This additional image was never before revealed, while projecting your home movies. If your film has that extra image, we will capture it during our transfer and can make it part of your master transfer. If you order a transfer to hard drive, and later find that this extra image is distracting, you can crop it off using an editing program. However, most people enjoy seeing it.

Image courtesy of Arthur Sobel (San Francisco Rail System -1963)

Full Capture RAW

This is how we initially capture all Double 8mm film. Unaltered, it reveals everything from the left edge to the right edge. This exact look will vary depending on the model of camera that was originally used. Most cameras did not capture image between the sprocket holes but show solid black instead.

Option: Standard Image

Some customers prefer to crop off the extra image information which was captured between the sprocket holes. The choice is yours.

Option: Image Between Sprocket Holes

Mask off sprocket holes and reveal the image between them. The extra image is not always as flawless as shown in this sample frame. It greatly depends on the camera and lens that was used. Also occasionally, the film stock was Kodak and one would see the letters K o d a k superimposed on the image as it zips by, on the left. And on the right, the image sometimes extended to the very right edge of the film, where it can be more scratched.

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