This is what some of our higher-end competition offers:
  • Hand-cleaned Film
  • Color Correction
  • Grain Reduction
  • Sprocket Free
  • High-definition
  • Frame-by-Frame

... and we add all this:
  • 3-CCD image sensor, NOT just a CMOS or 1-CCD sensor!
  • FULL High-definition 1920 by 1080p (some call it SUPER HD or 2K); NOT just 720p HD!
  • HD-SDI data rate of 1.5 Gbit/s, allowing for uncompressed 10-bit 4:2:2 capture; no down-compression during initial capture!
  • A RGB 3-Light Transfer; NOT just a One-Light transfer!
  • Reduction of fine scratches with specially engineered soft back-lighting!
  • In-sync Image and Sound capture!
  • Extended between sprocket hole image capture capability
  • image stabilizer
  • Expert hands-on manual color correction during each second of transfer; and NOT just a Pre-Automated Color-Correction
  • High-speed transfer? No, we opted for capturing more data instead, and giving us time to perform the manual override for color adjustments!
  • Personalized and excellent customer service and various transfer options, depending on your budget.
  • Customer retains copyright. What is yours stays yours!

For limited time on 8mm and Super-8 film transfer:

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Transfer Process
We do not transfer film by shooting its image reflected off a surface, but instead we project its image straight onto a video chip! This is an important difference which makes our transfer process unique. The process of shooting the image from a reflected surface, such as over a matt glass or a silver screen, will not produce a 1:1 capture of the image. But our process does. We project the picture directly onto a 3CCD video chip. This gives us a 1:1 recording of the picture! The recording is therefore sharp and is a light-true representation of what's on the film.

Video camera
We use a 3CCD video camera for our transfers. This is a broadcast quality camera -- the same technology used in TV studios. It gives us an uncompromised quality recording of your film.

Film cleaning:
The years have proved to us that all films need to be cleaned! We use professional film cleaners to carefully hand-clean your film. This process consists of feeding the film through special soft cloths moistened by the cleaning solutions. The film gets cleaned once - more if needed. The cleaning process traps most dust and unwanted dirt particles.

We recommend special treatment with a solution called “Film Renew” if the film has mold build-up or if it has become brittle. "FilmRenew" is rarely needed.

“Film Renew”
We use professional “Film Renew - Urbanski Film” to clean the film if it has mold buildup or has become overly brittle. Depending upon the condition of the film, we either soak the film in a bath of FilmRenew or carefully treat it with cloths soaked by FilmRenew solution. The excess solution is later removed.

Splice Renewal
Renewing splices is very time-consuming and must be done with great care. We use professional film cement glue to complete the splice. A splice renewal happens when we find a broken splice, a missing leader, or a splice which need replacing.