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8mm Wolverine rental

FilmFix doesn't use a Wolverine for transfers, but if you don't know what's on your family's treasured films, you can rent a Wolverine from us for a couple of weeks and have a look!

Knowing what you have, before sending it off, is a nice way to organize your collection. Then, we can professionally transfer your precious memories in 2K resolution to obtain the best possible full-HD (High Definition) outcome.

We'll put your transfer either onto a Blu-ray, USB stick or hard drive or a combination of your choosing. We can also put it on a DVD, but that only holds a lesser quality "Standard Definition" transfer.

Note:  Operating the Wolverine does require a little technical know-how. YouTube has helpful videos, and we include a copy of the "User Manual" with the rental.

FilmFix Wolverine Rental - (U.S.A. only)

It's $80 to rent for 2 weeks. You pay shipping, both ways, and fee varies depending upon where you reside. We are located in Ojai, CA and ship out via USPS "Priority Mail" with a "Signature Confirmation."

A $300 refundable deposit is required  and is returned to you once we receive the machine along with its accouterments, in fine working order. Shipping fees range between $12 and $45.

Wolverine MovieMaker-PRO 8mm and Super 8 Converter - new $400 / we do not sell.

If interested in a rental, please fill out our FilmFix Wolverine Rental Agreement and send it to us as an attachment via email, or 'snail mail' works too.

The reason we bought a Wolverine

Wolverine PDF User Manual

Since we were receiving multiple inquiries asking, "Do you use a Wolverine?" to perform your transfers, we thought we had best know what type of transfer the inexpensive machine delivers. So we bought one -- their better model! The results are markedly different. The effort a customer needs to put forth to use the machine is also markedly different than a customer utilizing our 8mm transfer service.

Details about our professional 8mm transfer equipment

Clearly, we offer our customers beautiful film transfers by attaining all that is possible from any given film. We offer the additional image enhancements of "image stabilization", "secondary color correction" and "grain reduction", if a transfer calls for it.

Plus, our customers have repeatedly noted our great customer care, and it shows in our stellar customer testimonials (dating all the way back to 2005.)

We hope you don't hesitate any longer ... those memories are fading off the films stored in a box in the  drawer or closet.

Author: Nathaniel Courtens
Friday, July 26, 2019

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