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35mm Slide Scanning at 9K!

Each of your 35mm slides are carefully hand-cleaned then digitized, full-frame (no-cropping) at an exceptionally high resolution.

We provide you with 3 valuable files for each of your slides: TIFF (for printing), JPEG (for viewing on computer or SmartTV) and an email-friendly sized JPEG. Most companies charge extra for these two additional files: email-friendly JPEG, and TIFF.

  • 9,504 x 6,336 pixels is the equivalent of a 9.5K TV
  • 6765 dots-per-inch
  • 14-bit RAW files
  • Our camera offers 15-stops of dynamic range
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35mm Slides

Either count your individual slides or just provide a rough estimate. We'll have an exact count once all have been digitized. We base your invoice on that total count.

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Note: If your slides are housed in boxes, please send them that way. Otherwise, we accept slides in any form.

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