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Editing Programs
Super 8 Film Transfer Tutorial
8mm Film Equipment Sources
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Editing Programs

Wikipedia info about editing software

Overview and comparisons of video editing software applications wikipedia.org

Some ideas for at-home customer use:

Shotcut (Open Source)

Shotcut is a free, open source, cross-platform video editor. shotcut.org

Cinelerra GG (Open Source)

Professional Linux Video Editor Cinelerra GG

Nero Video 2019

(for PC) Simple, basic software for editing www.nero.com

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

(for PC) Offers 3 different versions of Video Editing Software - easy to use http://www.magix.com/

Corel - VideoStudio Products

(for PC) User-friendly software. videostudiopro.com

Pinnacle Studio 22

(for PC) Our customers enjoy the user friendliness and versatility of this editing software. It has some color grading capabilities. http://www.pinnaclesys.com


(for Mac) Basic software - easy to use. Is part of many Mac OS packages. https://apps.apple.com

Media 100

(for Mac) An editing solution http://www.media100.com/

Some ideas for more professional use:


(for PC) The professional editor for everyone (who has the budget.) www.lwks.com

Vegas Product Family

(for PC) Professional software (owned by "Magix") http://www.vegascreativesoftware.com


(for PC) This is the professional editing software that we (FilmFix.com) uses. It's an investment in both time and money. https://www.grassvalley.com

Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC

(for PC) Real-time editing for professional video production. FilmFix.ch uses this professional software. http://www.adobe.com

Final Cut PRO

(for Mac) Professional editing software https://www.apple.com

Avid Xpress Pro

(for PC and Mac) Professional editing software http://www.avid.com

DaVinci Resolve

(for PC, Mac and Ubuntu) Professional color grading and editing. Has a steep learning curve. http://blackmagicdesign.com

Super 8 Film Transfer Tutorial

Wolverine Data MovieMaker-PRO

FilmFix doesn't use a Wolverine for transfers, but if you don't know what's on your family's treasured films, you can rent a Wolverine from us for a couple of weeks and have a look! Wolverine MovieMaker-PRO Rental

8mm Film Equipment Sources

Super 8 Projectors

Phil's Vintage Movie Films and Collectibles 8mm16mmfilmscollectibles.com


film and more bhphotovideo.com

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Super 8 Film and DVD stuff more links

DVD Decrypter guide

ISO as virtual DVD disc DVD Decrypter


Open Source software and video streaming solutions for every OS! videolan.org

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