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If you have tapes:
  - Video-8
  - Hi8
  - VHS or
  - Mini-DV
8mm to DVD test transfer

We are known for our professional 2K resolution (Full-HD) 8mm Film Transfer to Blu-ray (or DVD), Flash drive, or Hard drive.

All our transfers are frame-by-frame, and we offer a helpful array of editable file formats. We capture in 2K (Full-HD) more info.

Taken from our blog: Our Super-8 transfer as compared to theirs.

Order Options:

- Quick and Easy: PDF Order "Short Form"
- However, if you want to read some great details, our website is known for that. You can start below to generate an estimate – then go on to place your order from there.

Please keep in mind, Nathaniel is always here to help -- just call (805) 640-8883. (As we are a small transfer-house, we do not employ a full-time receptionist; so please do leave a message. It's likely your call will be returned promptly.)

Take Note: We do not use a "Wolverine" for our film transfers -- but a Wolverine rental is available.

Here is a link to the equipment we use!.

If you have only small, 3-inch reels:
  Enter total number of 3 inch reels here:    

If you know how much film you have (in feet, minutes, or meters):
Total film:
Total number of reels:
How many of these are small, 3 inch reels - if any?:

If the above options do not apply, start here.    

Sample Transfers
Sample Transfers

IMPORTANT: Please send us your family's memories. We do not transfer material with a Copyright, unless you own the copyright and provide proof.

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