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So that we can complete your order, we’ll need certain details about it.

Please fill out your basic contact information in the fields below. Then, when you reach the final page you’ll see a box titled: “Use for additional instructions:” Please tell us your answer to the following 5 items:

  • The type of element you would like to transfer to: Hard-drive, DVD, Mini-DV, or VHS. (If you’d like your film on a Hard-drive, please ship it along with your film – 13GB per hour.)
  • Amount of copies desired
  • The order in which you would like your reels transferred
  • For DVD transfer: The titles you would like us to use (1 title per reel – up to 25 characters)
  • We are assuming that you would like us to clean your films. If not please tell us.
  • Of course, please call us should you have any questions at all.

    Delivery address
    first name
    last name
    zip code
    cell phone

    Is your "Delivery address" and "Invoice address" the same?

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