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I am an Oscar winning film and video production professional with 30 years of experience in film imaging and visual effects. Not only am I extremely critical about getting the best image quality out of scans and transfers for the Hollywood films I work on, but I’m even more critical when it comes to trusting a scanning service with my precious and priceless personal images from our home movie family archives.

Recently, I came across Laura and Nathaniel’s FilmFix website while searching for an 8mm movie footage/time calculator, and after looking further at the link on their site that described their gear and scanning process for 8mm film, they had me at hello!

I had many questions, and called them up and spoke to Nathaniel at length about his process, and was very excited about seeing some results. I shipped him my precious 8mm and super 8 footage (1,250 feet of my Dad’s 8mm home movies from the early 60’s and a 10 minute “thesis” film that I made while in college in the late 70’s.

Between the ability to scan even beyond the entire exposed image area of the original film (out beyond the actual perfs!) at 10 bits with incredible dynamic range, color fidelity and sharpness, I was BLOWN AWAY by the quality of the scans. Nathaniel can also stabilize and de-grain your images, and offers color correction. Take advantage of those capabilities! When compared to a low-tech video transfer I had done on the home movies 20 years ago, the FilmFix scans were exponentially better, revealing unseen details and clarity...I was simply amazed of what Nathaniel’s rig is capable of extracting from these images that are less than 1/3 of an inch across!

FilmFix will communicate with you by phone and email at each step of the process, from tracking your shipments arrival at their lab to final delivery. They understand that your original material is precious, and treat it with great respect.

Nathaniel also has a rig for scanning 35mm negatives and slides, and I am excited about checking that out.

Five stars and a big thumbs up to FilmFix!

Michael Kanfer,

Principal Strategic Development Manager, Adobe Hollywood

Playa del Rey, CA

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8mm Film Transfer Expert

Nathaniel holding 8mm reel and showing USB stick
Simplify - get your films in a "grab and go" format!  We transfer 8mm or Super 8 films onto a handy USB stick (or hard drive.)

Hello, I'm Nathaniel. My wife Laura and I are FilmFix — a two person team.

I am the technical expert with a degree in motion picture and photography, from Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara, CA.

First, your 8mm film will be inspected and carefully cleaned. Then, I'll convert it — from start to finish. These days, most all our customers request that digital files be delivered onto a hard drive or USB stick. However, we can put your transfer on a DVD or Blu-ray disc, if you really prefer that.

While staying local is nice, sometimes it's in your best interest to expand further and find the professional experts who specialize in this sort of transfer. Transferring 8mm film -- the right way -- is highly technical and it requires specialized, pricey equipment.

We're very glad you found us! Let us show you why we have a stellar reputation. Shall we get started on a reasonably-priced estimate?

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