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The advantages of such film transfer

Over time, old films can become brittle, moldy, and discolored. They can become so brittle that during playback the film can break repeatedly. Old splices are prone to breakage. Each playback strains these old films. If the original projector is not in good shape, it can destroy the perforation holes during playback. Very few people still own a suitable projector on which to play-back their films. Getting your films transferred now, before they loose any more structural integrity or color, will make you glad you did! Handling a Blu-ray, USB-Stick or Hard Drive is easy and one can easily back up the transfer onto another hard drive, for safe keeping. We do not "copy protect" your transfer for this very reason.

Once your transfer is in a digital format, on a hard drive for instance, you can edit the material. You can add music to your transfer, cut out sections of it, arrange in perfect chronological order and easily share it with your family and friends.

NOTE: Fewer customers these days are getting their transfer onto a DVD. A DVD only holds a standard definition transfer and we transfer in high definition, at no extra cost. A high definition transfer cannot be housed on a DVD -- only on a Blu-ray disc. Even though the two discs look the same, they are not. A Blu-ray is superior, but you do need to have a Blu-ray player on which to play back the Blu-ray disc.

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