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For now -- We can no longer Include a Localized Webpage for MP4 Files

Update -- Monday, November 21, 2022

We are very sorry to inform you that, as of Sep 8, 2022, our Localized Webpage is no longer being supported by modern browsers.

We hope  you will "stay tuned",  because once the Isolated Web Apps (IWAs) standards are available, Nathaniel will see if the concept can be ported into an "IWA" environment.

Here is more information about why our Localized Webpage is no longer supported (excerpt):

Loading a local file (link) --

Local files from the same directory and subdirectories were historically treated as being from the same origin. This meant that a file and all its resources could be loaded from a local directory or subdirectory during testing, without triggering a CORS error.


ORIGINAL BLOG -- created in December of 2021:

In response to your requests on all 8mm or Super8 film transfer orders, FilmFix is now providing you (at no charge) your own private, secure, and localized webpage. This webpage is not accessible via the Internet! We know how sensitive and personal most customers’ transfers are, so we never allow your transfers outside of our controlled environment. Rest assured that we never trust anyone else with your data. Aside from privacy considerations, storing data in the “cloud” can involve extra expense, which none of us needs. Instead, we include a simple, secure webpage directly onto your own personal thumb drive (or hard drive, in some cases).

(All images courtesy of our customer - Katie Myers)
A simple webpage is included on your storage media. From this webpage, you can easily browse your transfer. You can add and edit titles and text; and you can change the order in which these sections show, all controlled from within a spreadsheet.

Background: Having consulted our customers with larger orders, we realized that we needed to provide something more than just high-quality transfers. Customers were asking for a simple way to catalog these 3-inch reels into a spreadsheet, from which they could link back to their final MP4 files. *

We listened to you, and Nathaniel devoted close consideration to your request. He has now successfully reverse-engineered it into code, producing one master HTML page that links to a dedicated spreadsheet. As a result of his efforts, you can now easily add notes and dates to the provided spreadsheet. Then, from the HTML page, you can generate a page that includes your notes.

Provide us with your first spreadsheet, and we will transpose your data into our field-sensitive spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will give you a solid head start on your cataloging.

Jump between the different stages of provided files to see what improvements we were able to make: RAW, pre, play, debris and grain.

Moreover, this interface offers you a way to cross-compare the different steps that we went through, thereby refining your final outcome. You can now easily jump around between our different versions by selecting them on the right:

  • RAW (original film capture)
  • Pre-masking (includes image stabilization and, normally, color grading)
  • Play ("masked-off" sides to make it less distracting)
  • Debris (added debris reduction)
  • Grain (added grain reduction)

(Please note that only the "Image Enhancements" which you initially ordered will be available for you to select. You specify these “image improvements” preferences during your order placement.)

From within that simple webpage you can select to view it in a full screen, and jump around as you please.

To Access Your Personal Webpage:

  1. Plug in your thumb drive, and navigate to the content of the thumb drive.
  2. In the main folder (the root folder) of that thumb drive, you will see a file named "START HERE”. Double-click on the “START HERE” file.
  3. This will launch your web browser, which will open your personal, secure webpage. It will look something like this:

    (The appearance of your webpage might vary from this image, depending on your version. See Update Your “START HERE’”HTML Page:”, below, for instructions on how to keep your version current.)
  4. From this page, you need to select the provided spreadsheet. (That spreadsheet is also located in the same folder from which you found your "START HERE" file.)
  5. Click the "Generate content" button to be directed to your personal page. This will allow you to view all content stored on your thumb drive.

How to Share: Sharing your personal webpage requires you to make a copy of your thumb drive, after which you can send the copied drive to that someone special. Your personal webpage and its supporting files — including your spreadsheet — are easy to copy, along with the rest of your transfer.

Update Your "START HERE" HTML Page: For past customers, we have been improving some of the functionality of that personal webpage. If you desire to update your page, feel free to download the latest version of your page and spreadsheet, all ready to go: Link to ZIP file.

* If you have a larger collection, (more than 30 small reels) this localized website works best on a computer that is less than 4 years old.

Author: Nathaniel Courtens

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