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Our Super-8 Transfer as Compared to Theirs

Recently, we were given a tremendous gift! A customer, Rob C. of Washington, asked us to please re-do a transfer he had done elsewhere, because he was disappointed with their work. He felt some trepidation sending his reels to a second company for fear our results might be similarly dismal. Well, he was so pleased with our transfer that he compiled a comparison for us to use on our website's blog. What a gift!

Below are his words:

"I had some free time, and I created a high quality frame capture of your conversion, the same frame from the other company conversion, and a merged version where I show how their scan only covers 40% of the actual image you captured (i.e. they lost 60% of the frame). I selected 2 different frames where it’s impossible to recognize the people, and you are welcome to use these in your website if you like (please do not use the others). I think it highlights the quality you offer pretty well."

Here the two transfers are overlapped. Theirs is inside and ours is the outer edge. See the beautiful colors we were able to restore?

1st transfer performed by the other company. 

Our FilmFix transfer  

At FilmFix we capture the entire frame from edge to edge.

Because of our superior 10-bit capture, when a film's colors are challenged, we are able to improve them to a large degree with the "secondary color correction" image enhancement option. And, when a film was over-exposed or under-exposed,  we can improve that to a large degree as well with our added option of "secondary color correction."

1st transfer performed by the other company

Our FilmFix transfer -- We capture the whole frame, from edge to edge.

By overlapping our transfer and theirs, you can better see what is missing in their work. Their image is muddied, the colors are completely off,  and their image lacks crispness.

You'll note that the grass on the outer edge of the above example is not very crisp. This is because "grain reduction" was applied to the transfer. "Grain reduction" has advantages and disadvantages. It gets rid of many scratches and imperfections, but it does tend to slightly soften the image. That's why when a customer chooses "grain reduction", we like to provide their transfer in two files -- before and after -- grain reduction was applied.  (So, check that box on the order form if you want both versions.)  The two files will require a bit more data storage, but it's very rewarding to have both versions of the final footage. Customers love it!

We are sorry to see some of the shoddy work that is being done in this industry. It does nothing for the industry's reputation.

While we always enjoy restoring our customer's films, it is such a pity to learn they've wasted their time and money elsewhere before finding us!

Author: Nathaniel Courtens

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