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You pay only $12 for our “Test-Transfer”, and we'll pay the return shipping within the USA.

Only use this option if you have a collection of film and would first like to “test us out” with just one small 3-inch reel to see the excellent results we achieve.

You provide:

  • one, small 3” reel (50 foot) – 8mm film, Double 8, or Super 8

  • at least 32 GB of storage (USB stick or SD card)

  • $12 check made out to: FilmFix (or, we'll call you for credit card details once order is complete.)

We provide the following on our “Test-Transfer”:

  • careful hand-cleaning

  • transfer in 2K (full HD)

  • all three of our image enhancement options: “Image Stabilization”, “Secondary Color Correction”, and we'll provide the transfer both with, and without, “Grain Reduction” so you can compare and contrast. Some customers prefer 'grain reduction' and others don't.

  • the “RAW captured” file so that you can see just how much improvement was made with our additional image enhancement work. It's fun to see!

  • 3 file types onto the media storage which you will supply

  • 3 MP4 files and 3 ProRes files (Important: IF you use a PC computer, please let us know so we can provide you with the proper .AVI file, instead of ProRes.)

  • If your original has sound, it will be included – and in sync. We do not charge more for sound like some transfer houses do.


  • Copyright protected footage, i.e. Disney cartoons, etc. (only send a personal family film)

  • Film which has not already been developed/processed, by a lab.

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