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What About Moldy-Looking VHS Tapes?

Evident crystal-like white powder, resembling mold at first glance, is actually a chemical reaction that occurs as the VHS tape slowly deteriorates.

A tape exhibiting this appearance will not playback in your deck for long. Soon, the fine, flaky powder will coat the inside of your VHS deck, and the deck head, which reads the tape, will cease producing a clean image. You will notice an increasing number of dropouts as the powder continues to accumulate on the head.

However, we can likely repair this—cost: $35.00 per tape. (For more than six tapes, the rate is $30 per tape.)

inside vhs deck
Inside look—close-up of powder buildup caused by older degrading tapes

Eventually, the deck will need to be sent out for cleaning because those long cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol will only suffice as a 'quick fix' for so long.

The tapes below required special hand-cleaning treatment before transfer. Initially, the tape case is disassembled and then meticulously cleaned.

Opened VHS tape
Opened VHS tape is prepared for cleaning

Cleaning machine
A cleaning machine is utilized in a controlled environment. Paper tape rolls are continually renewed as the tape is cleaned.

moldy vhs tape
If your tapes are as moldy as this one, you mustn't expect miracles. We will run them through our special mold reduction/removal process and strive for a decent transfer from it. However, we will charge twice our regular price for this intricate mold reduction/removal cleaning process due to the extensive cleaning required for tapes with this level of damage.

Author: Nathaniel Courtens

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